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Asociacion de Innovacion Formacion y Empleo para el desarrollo sostenible

AIFED is a regional organization working in the field of education, culture, inclusion and employment in Granada, Spain. It is an initiative of some experimented teachers to create a non-profitable association with a humanist character, which increases entrepreneurship training.

AIFED works mainly in the promotion and management of training, innovation and employment on different fields of education, culture and active ageing. We have a large experience working with professional and personal itineraries through formation, free time and sport, for adults and young people in order to strengthen their skills and their resistance in a society where adaptation, motivation and strength depends a lot on the improvement of our competences. We are expert teachers who create learning program for other teachers, staff or people in general, and we work with Public Administration and Private Institutions in order to help teachers working with people who have difficult life style.

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