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Projecto Schole LDA

Scholé is a private school offering learning activities to children and youngsters, from pre-school to high-school level.

Scholé is not a traditional school. It’s defined as a learning community based on the values of happiness, curiosity, autonomy, initiative and empathy. Children and youngsters are challenged to learn through project based learning, combining the curricula guidelines set by the public education guidelines but not being limited by it and combining the traditional subjects with the exploration of multiple artistic expressions. Scholé offers a modern and adaptable learning space, in which 75 children and youngsters can interact among themselves and with the local community, with the support of highly capable facilitators, to engage in learning activities, without losing the perspective of the individual, its needs, rhythm and happiness. Scholé staff is expert in pedagogy and learning communities, and namely in new and innovative pedagogies many times seen as alternative to the traditional school system.

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