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Kalina Malina

Kindergarten “Kalina Malina” is a municipal kindergarten opened in 1977 and is the largest in the Pazardjik region. There are 10 garden groups and 2 cluster groups. At this point Kalina Malina takes care of 380 children. The staff is 51 people, including 20 teachers, 1 music teacher, 5 nurses, 4 administrative staff and 20 support staff and 1 director. The kindergarten offers quality education and education for children aged 2-7. Children are educated in programs designated by the Ministry of

Education. Priority in the work of teachers is the creative education of children through art, health education and a healthy lifestyle for children and their parents, keeping children in the nature, working with parents as partners in children’s education, preserving the traditions and folklore of Bulgarians, successful preparation of children for school and life.

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 The strengths of our work are: full group capacity and regular attendance; motivated and qualified pedagogical team; flexible organization of forms and activities in all educational fields; diverse activities in internal organizational projects; healthy eating and very good hygienic hygiene maintenance of the kindergarten ;an effective educational environment in the kindergarten; successful preparation of children for school absorption and coverage of ; very good cooperation with the School Board for the modernization and aesthetization of the yard areas and sites in groups; rich artistic activity and participation of children in different performances;

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