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Directoraty of Primary Education of Thesproatia

The Directorate of Primary Education represents the Greek Ministry of Education in Thesprotia and it supervises 66 schools, both pre-primary and primary, two of which are exclusively for children with special needs. It is responsible, as delegated from the Department of Education, for most aspects of local education provision, including meeting the needs of local schools, improving them when needed and teacher training.
Our staff consists of 15 people, both teachers and administrative employees, but we
consider teachers of all schools of our area members of our personnel. There are 450
teachers of various areas of expertise in total and about 2800 students (4-12 years
old) attend our schools.
The Directorate has an excellent cooperation with the Centre of Environmental
Education of the prefecture of Thesprotia, the Municipality of Igoumenitsa, the
Archaeological Museum and Prevention Centre of the town.
The premises of the Directorate are situated in a coastal town, Igoumenitsa, in the
North-West of Greece, near Corfu and Ioannina. Igoumenitsa is a beautiful small
town with more than 25,000 inhabitants and a lot of picturesque beaches as well as
places of natural beauty nearby.

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IGOUMENITSA in the map

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